What Our Customers Have To Say

Take a look at what our centered students and academic professors have to say about The Centered Student Planner!

Riki L, Sophomore:
The Centered Student Planner has been a wonderful tool in surviving the switch to online school. First, it helped me stay organized and productive, and when I don't take the time to plan my week using the planner, my week isn't as productive. Second, I feel in control because I get to see how my day will go. Third, it gives me the chance to review my week, which gives me the chance to get better as the week goes by. Fourth, the planner helps me stay focused on all the responsibilities and goals I have for the week. I simply love the planner. I’m a proud centered student.

Spencer L,  Sophomore:
I started using my planner during my sophomore year of college and absolutely loved it. With the pandemic, I had been struggling with time management so when I was able to use the planner and really visualize my days, it made all the difference! Given the high quality and usefulness, I'll definitely be purchasing one for each of the years to come. 

Professor, College Seminar:
The Centered Student can be a game changer for college students. This planner offers what so many students need: time management, student success tips, and positive psychology. Students will benefit from the engaging presentation, videos and ability to make the planner "their own."  I believe that students who use this planner will have an easier time adjusting to the self directed learning required at the college level.

Professor of Communication, SUNY:
I love this planner! I love the long "To Do Lists" I can write on the spacious pages. Love the elegant cover. Most of all, I love the inspiring quotes of the week. Every Sunday night, I look forward to the videos that Professor Horan makes for the personal touch. Most inventive, creative planner I've ever had!

Professor of Foreign Language & ENL, SUNY:
The perfect complement for a college orientation class.  Here, finally, is a planner that makes sense!  The CSP is relevant, informative, practical and fun to use!