A PROFessor in a Planner™

Designed by a teaching professor, the planner includes written and video coaching on college success techniques and positive psychology.

Visual Time Management

This horizontal week at a glance layout taps into visual learning and allows students to “see” and manage their time.

High Quality Planner

Our planners are durable, made using a high quality linen cover and heavy weight paper (7x9 with 180 pages)

Hi, I'm Prof. Virginia Horan!

I created this planner when I noticed that my students struggle with time management. I wanted to help them achieve their academic goals, as well as make them aware of how important it is to take time for yourself and what you enjoy. Click below to read our story and see a sample video!


As someone who’s reviewed many academic planners over the years, I can confidently say this is one of the best planners for college students on the market right now.

2021-2022 CSP

My first impression of this year's planner was an audible, "WOW, these are so nice!"

2022-2023 CSP


This newcomer goes right to the top of the list of best planners. It was created by a professor, first of all, and besides a great design and quality, it also includes video tutorials to help you study and a free weekly pad of to do lists.

2022-2023 CSP

Kristin P.

My oldest college son absolutely loved his planner I purchased for the 21-22 year. This is not the nerdy kid either. This is the getting by doing everything I can try/athlete/has a job kid. This planner helped him to stay on track tremendously. He even came to me and asked me to order another for this year!

Debbie B.

As a clinical psychologist who works with children with attention and executive functioning weaknesses and a mom of two college students, I was thrilled to find this product to help keep students engaged and organized! Highly Recommend. :)