How the Centered Student System Works

What is the Centered Student System?

College is the ultimate balancing act. Students want to achieve academic success but they also struggle with a wide range of emotions. All the research points to two things that college students struggle with: getting their work done (time management) and managing their anxiety (self-care).

The venn diagram above illustrates what is at the heart of the Centered Student System for Academic Success: providing the tools students need to manage BOTH.

As strange as it sounds, filling out a paper planner is a way to practice self-care, and self care is critical to your emotional well-being. When you can use your time well, you reduce your stress. When you watch your Centered Student videos, you get support and inspiration. When you fill out the prompts for weekly goals, gratitude, and mindfulness, you increase your daily happiness.

It’s all there in one place and within three weeks of using this system, you will see a difference.

The Centered Student System in a Nutshell

Taking the time to write down your schedule and your assignments because tapping them into a phone or laptop doesn’t improve your memory – in fact, you are less likely to retain things that you type than those you write.

Look at the whole week and you will automatically spot chunks of time when you can get work done so you aren’t stressed out and pulling all-nighters. Make appointments with yourself to do the work. Watch the videos for targeted support.

Writing down your accomplishments, what you are grateful for, and what you need to focus on taps into feeling more in control, less stressed and happier on a daily basis.