The Centered Student is the student who faces challenges with the understanding that they have more control and power than they might realize.  By creating certain simple habits with the consistent use of this planner, any student can create a sense of balance in their lives.  The tutorials that accompany each week's message can be scanned using the QR code and those tutorials will allow you to learn key skills and techniques to master the college experience academically and emotionally.  This sense of balance that comes with self-awareness and better time management is the way to center ourselves in our busy lives.

Sometimes college feels like you have been dropped into the deep end of a swimming pool without knowing how to swim, but certain skills will empower you  to succeed regardless of the situation.

College success is about being proactive rather than reactive but cannot be pro-active if you don’t know what’s coming.

Purchasing this planner indicates that you are aware of the pitfalls students face – like not knowing how to study, spending too much time socializing instead of working, missing class, not going to office hours, and good old procrastination. 

Acknowledging those pitfalls is half the battle. It’s not empowering to say, “that will never happen to me.”  It is empowering to say, “these things are real and I need to know how I’m going to deal with them.”

The Centered Student Planner weaves together a time management system with academic coaching and support.  Every week in this planner, the hurdles students face will be addressed along with strategies to overcome them.  That is why this is unlike any other planner on the market. 


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