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Touch. See. Feel. 

A Prof’s Manifesto on Paper Planners in a High-Tech World.

November 14 2021
Because all the technology they had was not helping them.  With every passing year since returning to teaching in 2007, I saw more and more students struggling to complete their schoolwork.  Despite alarms in phones, and the ability to take photos of the blackboard and calendar apps and productivity apps and tablets and Apple pens -- they were getting worse at managing their time, not better.  They were getting worse at taking notes despite using a laptop in class, and worse at actually remembering and being able to apply what they learned.
Is it care package time???

Is it care package time???

September 15 2021
The right thing in a care package can give your college student a little boost. Heck, it might even get you an actual phone call, rather than a text!
Lined index cards 3 inches by 5 inches

The Secret Weapon of Success in School

August 24 2020
When you write by hand, rather than tap into a laptop or tablet, you slow down just enough to think more about WHAT you are writing. Handwriting activates the thinking part of the brain and helps with memory.
An Introduction to the planner by its creator, Prof. Ginny Horan

An Introduction to the planner by its creator, Prof. Ginny Horan

August 1 2020

Find out more about the Centered Student Planner with a video from it's creator, Prof. Ginny Horan


Who is the centered student?

Who is the centered student?

May 25 2020
The Centered Student Planner was designed by me, a college professor for almost 30 years, to weave together a time management system with academic coaching and support. The support is aligned with the semester itself, so early weeks focus on how to break down a syllabi, plan for assignments and take effective notes.  Later, students learn how to manage the stress of midterms and various study techniques.  Along the way, we address balancing a social life with school, the importance of sleep and self care, how to approach professors, and advocate for yourself as a student.