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Touch. See. Feel. 

A Prof’s Manifesto on Paper Planners in a High-Tech World.

November 14 2021
Because all the technology they had was not helping them.  With every passing year since returning to teaching in 2007, I saw more and more students struggling to complete their schoolwork.  Despite alarms in phones, and the ability to take photos of the blackboard and calendar apps and productivity apps and tablets and Apple pens -- they were getting worse at managing their time, not better.  They were getting worse at taking notes despite using a laptop in class, and worse at actually remembering and being able to apply what they learned.
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Getting Along With Your College Roommate

May 21 2021
The "Less Stress" Roommate Contract.  This is a great concept where you and your roommate have an honest talk about what your "living" expectations are - things that you need and things that make you uncomfortable.  Then you agree on how you will manage these things when you are sharing a space.  Topics can include neatness, guests, food in the room, quiet versus noisy, sleeping schedules etc.  Even if it's awkward, establishing these things ahead of time will pave the way for a smooth transition.