I know things have changed, but I always LOVED getting the occasional package in college. You would see that little slip in your tiny mailbox and get so excited, eager for the package window to open so you could collect your treat.  

That was BA - Before Amazon, lol. Now getting packages is an every day thing for so many of us. Anyway, I thought I would take a minute to share my "greatest hits" when it comes to sending a little something to your student.

1. LOVE this book 175 Things to Do Before you Graduate College by Charlotte Lake. Her website is AMAZING as well so be sure to check out collegelifemadeeasy.com. This book contains such a great mix of ideas and for kids who started college during COVID, this will be a very fun and helpful read. My daughter really liked getting ing it.  https://collegelifemadeeasy.com/book/

2. COOKIES! TREATS! There are NO WORDS for how delicious these treats are from Catherine's Kitchen LLC. Another mom-prenaur, Catherine hand bakes these goodies specifically for college care packages. Away for her birthday last year, my daughter loved this gift and made some friends with some strategic sharing! You can find her here: https://www.catherineskitchenllc.com

3. Laptop Stickers You name it, Redbubble.com has it. My kids have some obscure interests and hobbies and when I input something in the search bar, A COOL STICKER, mug or other item pops up. For example, for my English major I just got a "Team Oxford Comma" sticker. This site supports independent artist who offer great designs with incredibly clever sayings and images. https://www.redbubble.com/shop/stickers


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