So what is with all this talk of stickers and markers?  What do they actually DO?  It turns out, they do A LOT when it comes to learning. 

I have found that students struggle with the passive nature of lecture-based learning.  That's why Power Points and fully online courses horrify me most of the time.  Through the abundant use of Power Point slides that are then distributed to students, an entire generation of students hasn't learned to take notes.  TAKING NOTES IS ACTIVE.  Staring at a screen is passive.

The same applies to time management.  Just tapping an alarm into a phone is simply not as active as HANDWRITING into a paper planner.  When we write by hand, we slow down enough to actually THINK about what we are writing.  When you use a paper planner, you think even more because you decide WHERE to write things and in so doing, you are focused on the appointment or assignment.  Phones are more like a  "fix it and forget it" approach to time management and do not require PONDERING and PLANNING.

When you add elements like stickers and color coding, NOW YOU ARE THINKING EVEN MORE.  The more you think, the more you remember!  You are simply tapping into what your brain is CRAVING and what it is designed to do.  Why not take advantage of that? 

Let's say you decide that you will put your schoolwork in red, your social engagements in green and your work schedule in blue.  As you write those into your planner, you are selecting the color and thinking about what you need to do a lot more than just tapping on a phone rapidly.  

Consider investing in the ART of PLANNING to reap real results in managing all your have to do!

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