Once upon a time, there was a pandemic all over the world, and it really got in the way of education!  Helping college students learn time management is more important than ever as they face an entirely new landscape of "modalities" - online, synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, to name a few. 

Unfortunately, online classes are not ideal for college students, especially freshmen, precisely because they require a full understanding of time management and self discipline.   College students in their first year are often learning HOW to learn at this level.  By using a paper planner and actually "scheduling" set times during the week for an online class (almost pretending you are IN the class), you can conquer the challenges so many face in this modality.  It is about VISUALLY mapping out your week to include all your schoolwork.  If you dedicate two days a week for two hours each day to an online class, YOU WILL STAY ON TOP OF THE WORK.  The problem with fully online classes is that we fall victim to the "out of sight, out of mind" phenomenon.

In today's Wall Street Journal, there was an article describing how using a paper planner during this COVID experience helps people feel more in control of their lives and provides a creative outlet while keeping them linked to a schedule.  AMEN!  In April, they published ANOTHER article about how paper planners can keep you away from screens and reduce the screen fatigue we have all been experiencing. So check these out and don't settle for just any paper planner - get the one designed by a college professor to teach students time management AND college success strategies - The Centered Student Planner.




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