As every one is saying, we are going through an unprecedented health crisis all over the world.  Education is facing a huge conundrum - how to keep school going through all of this and college students' lives have been turned upside down in EVERY way.  Many of their professors have never taught online and are barely one step ahead of their students.  It's frustrating for everyone.  I am well-known for a pretty strong stance against online courses for undergraduates, but in this situation, we have no choice.  So I wanted to take a moment to try to reassure all the college students out there and provide some words of hope and encouragement. 

First off, I'm privy to all the conversations among administrators and teachers and absolutely no one is expecting all of us to become tech-geniuses overnight.  Chances are you are accessing a learning management system like Blackboard and doing assignments through that platform.  Hopefully, your professors are using zoom and "holding" class virtually.

First, on behalf of professors everywhere, I'm so sorry.  This is incredibly difficult for you and we know it.  Most of us are open to any kind of communication you need so don't be afraid to request a zoom or Facetime meeting.  All teachers are required to hold office hours for exactly this reason.

Help each other.  Try to create virtual study groups with zoom and keep talking to your classmates.  Work together on the assignments the way you would any other time.

Be gentle with yourself. Know that this is not the best way to learn and if you feel your are struggling, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Understand that all administrators and professors are actively thinking about how this impacts you, grading, financial aid - all of it.  Many schools are offering a Pass/Fail option so as the semester goes forward, assess how you are doing and what your options might be.

In terms of the world at large, I am not an expert so this is strictly my opinion.  I think every school on the planet affected by COVID19 knows that this semester was not normal.  I think everyone at schools and in business will all be taking that into account when they look at transcripts for graduate school, or resumes for jobs. We don't yet know how the world is going to change, but I seriously doubt any human being is going to revert to "business as usual."

Do your best, that is all you can do and take breaks.  It's important to take care of yourself too so meditate with a guided meditation on Youtube for a few moments. Eat as well as you can - the junk food seems comforting but it really doesn't help.  Reach out to your professors.  We are here for you.


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