What no other academic planner offers + FREEBIE

What no other academic planner offers + FREEBIE

At the college where I have taught for 30 years and am now currently an Academic Chair, I am known as passionate about student success. Without students, professors and colleges don't need to exist. 

This planner is about channeling my passion for helping ANY student navigate college learning.

This planner is not about selling stationary. It is not about having a calendar. It is about learning how to be a college student with step by step help by a teaching professor. 

Every element of this planner is based on watching my freshmen and sophomore college students navigate college life. Over the years, I saw how much learning was changing and how much life stress my students were experiencing as the world got more and more complicated. I saw that my own children were not learning some basic note-taking techniques in high school anymore, and were being bombarded by "power point" handouts! At the same time, technology was exploding and selling the idea that using it could solve ANY problem. The truth is that technology in education can enhance your learning, but the fundamentals still apply. I call this my old school style. 

As an experiment, I began to not only teach my communication course content, but to also teach note-taking, outlining of chapters, creating flashcards to study, how to approach and speak to intimidating professors, how to decide what work to do FIRST, how to be more confident in how you learn, how to carve out study time and still keep a job. We even began to explore meditation for stress management and they could not get enough of it! I gave out four-colored bic pens to show them how to use colors to differentiate between important ideas.

The more tips I shared with my students, the more they wanted! 

I realized I wanted to help as many students as possible, not just my own.  When I began to use a paper planner as the textbook in my freshman seminar course, we reached a new level of success. Despite loving their phones, my students LOVED their paper planner and said it was life-changing.

And that is how the Centered Student Planner was born. I wanted college students to feel in control of their time, and if they felt that, I also knew they would begin to feel more centered emotionally and physically.

I knew I needed to create a planner that just didn't exist — one with a horizontal full week at a glance so students could see their time for an entire week. I knew I needed some sections to emphasize how to focus and prioritize schoolwork. I knew I needed to tap into positive psychology by teaching students to keep a weekly gratitude list. But I wanted to do more! I wanted to provide personal attention and specific tips for all the learning techniques I just mentioned.  That's when my niece suggested linking video tutorials to QR codes that students would scan with their phones to get more in-depth help. Then I found an amazing designer who put my vision on a two page, gorgeous layout  and created one of a kind planner stickers. Finally we found a printer who could give us the highest quality paper, full-color printing, gold leaf, and a beautiful vegan leather cover.


If you want to experience the Centered Student techniques before buying the planner, just download this FREEBIE that follows our structure! 



Check out our Facebook page for a free SNEAK PEEK at one of the video tutorials, too! 

The Centered Student Planner provides weekly online academic and emotional support for college students. The college success tips follow exactly what is typically happening during a semester so, for example, you scan a study habit tutorial as you head into midterms. 

Check out the topics the Centered Student Planner online interface provides to help EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT! 

  • How to use the planner
  • Student Services Matter!
  • Why your college or first year seminar course matters
  • Why going to class is the most powerful thing you can do
  • Managing your social life
  • How to break assignments into doable “chunks”
  • The secret to taking good notes
  • Why the library is your magic castle
  • Coping with Monday Anxiety
  • How to reset when you get off track
  • Why you need to connect with your professors
  • Raise your hand and raise your grade
  • Are you taking care of yourself?
  • Reentering the atmosphere when you go home for Thanksgiving
  • Strategizing for finals
  • Stress Management at the end of the semester
  • Caffeine, confidence and study tips
  • You did it. Let’s reflect!
  • Relax with a capital R
  • It’s called growth mindset and it works
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • What you can do when winter blues strike
  • The acronym that equals good grades
  • The stress busting power of meditation
  • How happy are you? Take this quiz
  • Mid March Pep Talk
  • Managing Spring Fever
  • What is a mentor?
  • April means opportunity. Here’s how to boost your grades
  • It’s okay not to know what you want to do with the rest of your life
  • Should you take a summer class?
  • Rebooting as finals approach
  • Stress busters that are quick and easy
  • A professor’s perspective on grades
  • How to succeed in accelerated summer classes
  • How to increase your personal happiness
  • Introducing the 7 habits of happy people


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FREEBIE For Gift Givers

FREEBIE For Gift Givers

Exams and Papers Looming? Have no fear, our FREE Go To Guide to Finals is here!

Exams and Papers Looming? Have no fear, our FREE Go To Guide to Finals is here!


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